Welcome to the Third World Ludo promotion website

This exhibition is made by Experimentarium, Universe and Danida together. Responsible for rental is Experimentarium. The exhibition is right now on display at Universe in the Southern Denmark. The exhibition is ready for rental from November 2014 to January 2016 and again after March 2017.

Basic information:

Square meters 200 - 300
Transportation 1 large trailer, packing material to be stored at venue, payed at own costs
Installation Experimentarium staff, assistance from local staff
Lighting Requires general lighting at the venue
Graphic concept Is included and can be used to marketing purposes by the venue
Languages 1-3. Already in place (free of charge: Danish, Swedish, English, German)
Translation All screen based texts are on Content Management System, translation on cost of the renting institution. Some text on tradition graphics, all this work is included in rental fee.
Age groups Main age group: 11-14 yrs. And above. In school groups or family groups.
School material Both advisory material and background material is available in Danish. To be translated.
Personal homepage Included, to be translated if not one of the four languages.
Contact Per Velk, Experimentarium, Head of Commercial Department
mail: perve (at) experimentarium.dk
rfid-tags Exhibition is run by individual tags, could be of hand-out type or re-use type. Costs are covered by the venue.

Content of this website

>> Principles and policies of the exhibition

>> The four themes

>> The flow of a family group

>> The flow of a school group

>> Sample of a personal homepage

>> Sample of built-in statistics